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Understanding Pain In Lower Right Abdomen (Facts)


constipationConstipation is another common cause of abdominal pain. This takes place when you are not able to regularly and easily pass stools.

It can be characterized by an inability to pass soft stools at least 3 times per week. The pain is often accompanied by pressure in the rectum, straining and bloating.

Typically, the pain disappears after a bowel movement and without any other symptom. Constipation can often be relieved by taking laxatives or stool softeners or through modification of the diet.

Determining the Cause of Abdominal Pain

As established, there are a number of different possible causes of abdominal pain. As such, a doctor will carry out a thorough physical examination, ask you about the kind of symptoms you are having and question you regarding the pain you are experiencing.

Once the initial assessment has been done, your doctor may recommend that you undergo further testing to assist in finding out the cause of the pain. The tests may include urine or stool tests, enemas or barium swallows, blood tests, X-ray, an endoscopy, CT scan or ultrasound.

Treatment for Lower Abdominal Pain

The method that is used to treat lower abdominal pain will largely depend on its cause. Treatment for this type of pain could include medications for GERD, inflammation or ulcers. Affected individuals could also be treated with antibiotics to get rid of any infection.

In addition, patients could be instructed to change some of their personal eating habits if it is determined that certain beverages or foods are the cause of the pain. Surgery is sometimes necessary in cases like a hernia or appendicitis.

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