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Key To Diagnosing Your Lower Left Abdominal Pain

lower-left-abdominal-painThere is probably not an adult alive today who has not experienced lower left abdominal pain at some point in their lifetime.

The great majority of abdominal pain is not caused by any serious medical condition and so requires no or little medical attention.

There are dozens of causes for such pain and most of them can be relieved with changes in diet, lifestyle changes, over the counter medications and rest.

Both men and women get lower abdominal discomfort from a long list of different food related causes.

We all get belly aches. We suffer from indigestion because of the foods we eat; what we drink; how late in the day, how fast, and how much we eat and drink; and how soon after a meal we lie down to sleep.

Our eating habits stir up problems such as constipation and trapped gas; unexpected little adventures with food allergies, food poisoning and lactose intolerance; and the development of chronic problems like celiac disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease which is also called GERD or acid reflux, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is also called IBS.

As we get older and don’t digest some foods like whole corn, okra, popcorn and nuts as easily as we once did, food pieces from these types of food may get trapped in little pouches that develop in the walls of our colons (called diverticula).

When inflamed, they bulge out from a condition known as diverticulitis and cause abdominal discomfort that ranges from mild to severe. In general, most gastrointestinal problems have as one of their primary symptoms of pain in lower left abdomen on either or both sides.

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