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Get Rid Of Middle And Upper Back Pain

exerciseSometimes, middle and upper back pain is caused by lack of exercise, which gradually makes the muscles in these areas weak. Thus, in order to combat this problem, you should practice good posture and engage in exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles present in the back area. You can also target the muscles in the abdomen and shoulders area in the process in order to experience an overall sense of well-being.

Apart from backache, the second most common complain of the modern generation is kidney pain. Kidneys are one of the most hardworking organs in the body that are responsible for performing various kinds of important bodily functions including filtering toxins from the blood.

People generally tend to take their kidneys for granted and do not worry much about them until something goes wrong. Did you know that your kidneys filters over two quarts of waste from the bloodstream and eliminates it in the form of urine?

Why do kidneys go wrong and what causes kidney pain? Well, sometimes the corrosive materials, toxins and chemicals present in the environment can take a toll on the kidneys and cause them to work harder than usual.

At times, people simply do not hydrate themselves enough and put their kidneys at risk of developing problems. Some of the common kidney problems that cause pain would be kidney stones and kidney infections.

In order to reduce your chances of developing kidney problems you should follow tips for keeping your kidneys healthy. The very first tip in this regard is to ensure that you maintain a normal blood pressure.

sodiumAlso, try to avoid foods that are very high in sodium and you should also include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. In case of diabetics, it is advisable to meet the blood sugar targets as often as possible in order to prevent kidney problems.

It is also beneficial for such individuals to go through the A1c test at least four times a year in order to measure the average level of blood sugar over a period of three months or so.

Always be alert and cautious when it comes to your kidneys. Even if you detect the slightest kidney pain you should get a test or physical examination conducted in order to find out whether you’re suffering from a kidney disease or not.

The initial tests conducted for determining this are CBC or Complete Blood Count test, a urine test or a kidney function test such as BUN or creatinine. In case of possibility of having kidney stones, the patient is advised to go for a CT exam along with a renal ultrasound. At times an abdominal X-ray test is also conducted.

If you do happen to have developed a kidney disease then you should follow the doctor’s prescription and eat your medicines on time. Once you have bounced back to good health you should adopt kidney care tips mentioned above to strengthen and improve your kidneys so that they won’t give you trouble in the near future at least!

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